Ladies & Gentlemen 
  • Annual  Subscription: £1,000.00

"The principle areas of interest for the prospective members are: Food, Music, Fashion, Film, Photography, Theatre and TV/Media"

If you are interested in becoming 'Lady Roc's' members, we will be delighted to hear from you and happy to show you around. 

To apply, please REQUEST an 

 return via email to


The Lady Roc’s Club encourages individuality and glamorous party dressing. We do politely ask our members to dress to impress for the occasion whilst dressing respectfully in their choice of smart attire. Clean, non-sports sneakers will be accepted but only when worn with sufficiently smart attire and shirt. (If you would wear them to the gym, don’t wear them to The Lady Roc’s Club…) Shorts, flip-flops, hoodies, T-shirts and any sportswear of any kind are prohibited. Smart jeans are permitted so long as they are not torn or scruffy.



Any Member who technically complies with the dress code but still does not appear sufficiently well-presented may be refused entry. Please note any decision regarding the suitability of a Member’s appearance will be entirely at the discretion of the management. If in doubt, men should wear a shirt and smart jacket. We would be grateful if you could also ensure the dress code is conveyed to any guests you invite to the Club.





A Member will always be guaranteed a table in the Sheesh Premises during opening times


A Member may entertain one other guest to visit the first floor, 'lady roc's' (upon availability for dining)


A member may entertain up to three other guests on the ground floor at 'Sheesh Restaurant' anytime they want.

dining reservation of up to five guests must be confirmed in advance with reception.

A Member will have use of the first floor, 'Lady Roc's' Cocktail Bar and watch the live entertainment without having dined.

There are 3 ways to make a booking. Online, calling the secretary or by text.

You will be kept up to date online using your members login and via email or text on all the events including Mother and Fathers days, Christmas Eve, World Class tribute acts, Celebrity Performers, Supercar Meets etc. ensuring that you will always receive priority.

Lady Roc's Private Membership is strictly by invitation only and is sold at the sole discretion of the management. If you are interested in applying please telephone us on 02085591155 and speak to one of our reservations team who will be pleased to discuss the terms, conditions and payments further and/or download an application and email to with a photo

Members and their guests are required to be attired in a clean and tidy manner when in the Club, adhering to the dress code.


No drunkenness, bad language, violent or abusive behaviour, or other misconduct is permitted on the Club premises. If a member does not adhere to the following rules, their membership may be terminated with immediate effect 

All Members shall before leaving the Club premises on each visit pay in full all charges incurred by them or their guests whether in respect of food, beverages or any other matter.

Guests may not remain in the Club once the sponsoring Member has left the Club premises

ADMISSION (Subject to change due to COVID changes of rules)

(a) Members and guests will be admitted to the Members’ areas of the Club during normal hours of admission.

Normal hours of Admission:

Sunday to Wednesday:

Sheesh Restaurant opens at 12pm and closes at 11.00pm.

Sheesh Terrace & Bar opens at 12pm and closes at 11.00pm

Lady Roc's Club is closed, however will be open for special events which are detailed on the events site


Sheesh Restaurant opens at 12pm and closes at 11.00pm.

Lady Roc's opens at 5.30pm and closes at 11.00pm

Friday and Saturday:

Sheesh Restaurant opens at 12pm and closes at 11.00pm.

Lady Roc's opens at 5.30pm and closes at 11.00pm.

Please note: closure times may vary considering government guidelines at the time of the event.

The Company may determine that on certain days Members may not be admitted to the Members’ areas of the Club, including to provide for the closure to the Club at Christmas and staff holidays, or for any other reason appearing to the Company to justify temporary closure.